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Weight loss, due to its high level of interest by the general public, is a perfect target for a profitable industry. People are influenced by an overflow of information that usually lacks proper scientific foundation. The insufficient information on the topic forms the basis of the food and nutrition industry's success; a study conducted on isolated cells does not take the overall interaction in the body into consideration. They only serve for the understanding of molecular mechanisms, which again do not necessarily represent the molecular mechanisms when influenced by further bodily functions. Studies conducted on mice and other laboratory animals do not always represent the mechanisms that would take place in the human body. And even if a study is carried out according to the “gold standard”, the amount of study participants, the study duration and other factors must again be taken into consideration. Therefore the phrase “scientifically proven” is greatly misused as a convincing factor for the efficiency of a certain food, diet product or popular diet. In fact, nutrition is one of the least understood and scientifically proven fields. What makes nutrition even more complicated, are the great differences between individuals. We, at 'Nutrition Therapy Stephany Piper', therefore take a personalized approach towards weight management, focusing intensively on one’s nutritional habits and food preferences. Making drastic changes to one’s diet usually leads only to short-term success as individuals cannot usually keep up with the diet change and tend to revert to their old eating habits. For long-term success, it is vital that the nutritionist adjusts to each individual accordingly and not vice versa, as is often the case. For one individual we may work with appropriate convenience products, whereas for another we may prepare a set of recipes. As such, nutritional recommendations differ considerably from person to person. We therefore require a certain procedure to be carried out before the first appointment.  

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