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Sustainable methodology


In order to act in our clients' best interest, we focus on nutrition education and keep away from "one fits all" food product promotions. This is because different products are suited to different people. 


Long-term results take time as new ways of eating must be cultivated. This is done step by step without making drastic changes from the beginning, a process which requires 

dedication and patience. Temporary solutions such as rapid weight loss and trending diets do not usually lead to lasting change.

Often one may hear that a diet is adjusted to your own personal needs and requirements, though how often this is true is questionable. If a visit to a nutritionist/dietician results in you having to drastically change your previous eating habits in order to lose weight, this is by no means representative of personalized nutrition. Personalized nutrition requires sufficient investigation of an individual's eating habits, food preferences, symptoms, etc., which can only be determined with the appropriate methodology. The key to sustained results is the adaption of the nutritionist to the patient and not vice versa, as is often the case.

At 'Nutrition Therapy Stephany Piper', we do not work with generalized recommendations, popular or pre-defined diets, but instead we take the time to get to know you as a person and comprehend your lifestyle so that we can understand your eating patterns and food choices. When necessary, clinical tests may be required to optimize a nutrition plan. For one individual we may work with appropriate convenience products, whereas for another we may prepare a set of recipes. As such, nutritional recommendations differ considerably from person to person. In addition, we give you valuable insights on food and nutrition marketing and consumer goods that are often unnecessary and based on the profit of the food and nutrition industry. We teach you how some of the beneficial food products can be prepared at home with limited costs and basic ingredients. You may also like to follow our seminars which cover an eclectic palette of topics stretching from the analysis of popular diets up to sustainable nutrition and food preparation.

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