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What is a Certified Nutrition Therapist in Germany

and why is this important for you?

In Germany, recognized nutrition professionals that are trained to take on clinical cases, that work in clinical settings such as hospitals, collaborate with other healthcare professionals, like doctors, and are covered by the health system, are called, among others, certified nutrition therapists. Certification can be done at different certifying institutions, all with similar requirements.


I am a nutrition therapist certified by Quetheb (German Society of Qualified Nutritional Therapists and Nutritional Consultants) 

The initial certification process with Quetheb, has the following requirements:

- Nutrition studies such as nutrition science or ecotrophology (including modules in nutritional medicine, dietetics and nutrition psychology)

- Practical training

- Continuing education to accumulate points through a large body of different seminars/courses/certificates mainly in nutrition therapy/dietetics as well as in nutrition psychology, communication & methodology

- Minimum 3 years work experience in a clinical setting/with clinical cases

- A final assessment (solving of different clinical case studies)

In order to keep the certification status of Quetheb, being up-to-date is mandatory. Post-certification every 3 years has the following requirements: 

- Continuing education for further accumulation of points as stated above

- Final assessment as stated above

Why is this important for you?

 - Being a Certified Nutrition Therapist is not just about having a certain degree or title. It's about keeping up to date in an ever-developing industry, and it's about being held accountable and judged suitable within an organized quality assurance system.

- It's also crucial to highlight that certified nutrition therapists are bound by ethical standards that act in the patient's best interest. This means that we, as professionals, do not advertise specific diet products or have any interest linked to product sales, and we do not distribute/sell diet products and/or nutritional supplements (with the exception of certain medical nutrition products in professional literature such as those used in hospitals). 

It is in your best interest that nutrition therapy remains unbiased and that everything your nutrition therapist is doing is not tied to their personal gain, but to your benefit and health. 

Committed to your care, I look forward to utilizing my expertise towards your health and well-being!

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