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Exclusive Services

Our exclusive services are designed for those who would like to extend their personalized nutrition plan to a more advanced level, namely food shopping and/or home cooking. These offer the benefit of choosing food products which are best suited to each individual as well as storing, preparing and cooking food appropriately. The number of sessions needed depends on the requirements of each individual; this will be discussed in a personal consultation.


Read below for more details on each program. 

Personalized Food Shopping

With personalized food shopping, you are given the opportunity to have a private tour through a food store with your nutritionist. This teaches you how to choose food products based on ingredient lists, food labels, marketing strategies, food design, food quality, seasonality and regionality. This enables you to make the best choices from a wide variety of products offered at stores which suit your nutrition requirements, habits and food preferences.

For more specialized cases such as gluten sensitivity or food allergies, learning how to detect specific ingredients on food packages is of the utmost importance.


Personalized Home Cooking

With personalized home cooking you are given the opportunity of having a private session at a professional kitchen regarding the storage, preparation and cooking of food. This teaches you how to arrange food in your fridge and kitchen space to preserve quality and extend shelf life, factors which mainly depend on temperature and humidity. Furthermore, you learn how to prepare snacks, cook meals and make desserts and beverages according to your personalized nutrition plan. This depends on your nutrition requirements, habits and food preferences.  


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